Career Panelists Speak at MHYC!

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MHYC hosted a career panel, last Friday, for its YouthBuild Corpsmembers. Industries ranged from culinary arts and hospitality to mechanical engineering (a full list of participants is included below). The purpose of the discussion was to not only expose Corpsmembers to new potential careers, but to hear what brought the panelists to their current profession.

The panel also served as an opportunity to learn more about what employers are looking for. Corpsmembers asked a variety of questions about the professional’s personal stories and how one can train to specialize in their field. Panelists also directed questions toward Corpsmembers to learn more about them.

Jason Vaughn, Program Coordinator for College and Careers at MHYC, explained, “This panel is not only beneficial for our crew. It also exposes panelists to Corpsmembers and opens the door for more opportunities.”

Thank you to everyone involved for facilitating an engaging discussion!

List of participants
• Mike Smart – Mtech Mechanical Technologies
• Alexandra Lee – Sage Hospitality
• Izzy Salazar – Culinary/chef
• James Gomez – Colorado Media School/Ohio Center for Broadcasting
• Molly Flynn – AmeriCorps NCCC

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