Earth Day!

Hello everyone – it’s that time again! Earth Day, April 22nd, is just around the corner (not that the Earth has corners)…let’s just say Earth Day is on the horizon!

All kidding aside, MHYC is dedicated to conserving our natural resources. One of the ways we make a measurable impact is through our Energy & Water Program. Corpsmembers enter low-income residences and nonprofit buildings, assess possible ways for occupants to save energy (and money!), and then install water and energy-efficiency measures. These include the addition of compact fluorescent light bulbs, aerators, programmable thermostats, and high-efficiency toilets. Corpsmembers also provide client education on the new devices – all at no cost to residents!

We’re proud of the difference our Energy & Water Program is making throughout the Metro Denver area:

  • Last year, MHYC installed almost 11,000 energy efficient light bulbs, over 2,500 energy efficient shower heads, approximately 2,000 high-efficiency toilets, and over 6,000 water faucet aerators.
  • The amount of air pollution we reduced in 2013 was the equivalent of planting approximately 281 acres of trees.
  • This is also equal to removing 178 cars from the road!
  • Last year, our installation of high-efficiency toilets and showerheads conserved over 53,000,000 gallons of water.
  • These water conservation efforts saved an amount of water roughly the size of 82 Olympic swimming pools!

Still need more inspiration? Other animals recycle (check out this crow – you go crow!), and there are plenty of ways to reuse your old things (here are 41 to get you started). However you help conserve our resources, MHYC supports your conservation efforts – we look forward to celebrating Earth Day with you next year (and for a few billion more after that).



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