Energy & Water Update

Hello everyone! Our Energy & Water Corpsmembers have been out and about recently, installing energy-saving devices in homes across Denver. In 2014, we anticipate that 38 MHYC Energy & Water Corpsmembers will service over 4,000 residences and nonprofit buildings, inspiring and educating community members regarding energy and water conservation.  In addition to saving low-income residents money, our Energy & Water program combines environmental conservation with meaningful impact on the infrastructures that create excess energy and water waste. Our work ultimately prevents the need for the construction of dams, and protects the dwindling fresh water supply of the Denver area. The energy and water-saving measures we install also allow the city to reallocate fresh water resources for other uses, such as crop irrigation, making a tangible difference in the lives of people across our community. Our results from 2013 show the impact we have:

  • Last year, our program participants serviced almost 4,500 residences and nonprofit buildings in the Denver Metro area.
  • In 2013, MHYC’s installation of energy efficient devices resulted in an annual savings of over $90,000, creating an estimated life-cycle savings of more than $473,000 to low-income residents and nonprofits.
  • The amount of air pollution we reduced in 2013 was the equivalent of planting approximately 281 acres of trees.
  • Last year, MHYC installed almost 11,000 energy efficient light bulbs, over 2,500 energy efficient shower heads, approximately 2,000 high-efficiency toilets, and over 6,000 water faucet aerators.

We’re currently hiring – to fill out an application, visit




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