Congratulations to our YouthBuilders for Graduating the Program!

This past Friday, our Youthbuild Corpsmembers capped their nine-month term at MHYC with a graduation. They crossed the stage to celebrate earning a GED and/or AmeriCorps education award for constructing affordable housing. This was MHYC’s ninth YouthBuild graduation. Like past years, it was an uplifting day that brought together families, friends and staff to celebrate the achievements of these outstanding individuals.

YouthBuild member, Andre Charleston, spoke during the ceremony. “I encourage each one of us to continue to build upon the lessons we have learned during our time here. Everyone sitting here today has overcome obstacles and trials while being in the program. We’ve had babies, deaths, and challenges, which at times left us unfocused and unmotivated. Through all of this, we kept the faith and we are here today as over-comers.”

Andre Charleston gives his graduation speech Other speakers included MHYC Board Member, Dr. Ryan Ross, Senior Program Manager of YouthBuild, Eliska Champagne-Veselka and Regional Director for Metro Denver, Brigid McRaith. Richmond Johnson, another graduate, concluded the ceremony with a poem about his time here.

“YouthBuild listen, we are tomorrow. . .from what I can relate we’re capable of many trends and many things. As a team, we flourish on,” he recited. To read his whole poem, click here

Richmond Johnson shares his poem On Tuesday, YouthBuild began a summer school program for Corpsmembers who are still working to complete their GED. They were reminded that the dedication and resilience that pushed them to complete the regular term will be the same motivators for them to succeed in their tests and future initiatives. Congratulations to the class of 2014!

Here are more photos from the day:

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For more photos of YouthBuild, you can visit here.

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