YouthBuild Graduation Sendoff


I was living to learn now i’m learning to live,
dedicating my life to a world full of kin,
I open my heart’ it challenge the skin,
channel the skills, I’m prevailing a will,
willing to be unlike ever to live,
dedicating my life to a world full of kin,
I open my heart’ it challenge the skin.

Forever and ever dependent on better,
wont settle for less unless better is tested,
shoot for perfection full filling it’s essence,
I can not neglect it; I can not reject it,
if anything’ it’s well respected,
if anything’ that’s my perspective,
by any means’ I’m well invested,
being.. of tuned expression, with no discretion,
is all accepted, I emit direction,
through.. extended questions, inexpensive pleasures,
fundamental perseverance, considered in reconciliation,
but in all reality it’s really what you make it.

And this is my dedication to MHYC.


Ain’t no telling who you’ll meet at M.H.Y.C.

If MOST teachers had a hint of Nikki then we’ll all succeed,
in addition by 5 others: Noreen, John, Dave, Dan, and Fred
I’m grateful unlike any other you got the material through to me
like a knife through butter.

Ain’t no telling who you’ll meet at M.H.Y.C

Its honorable to state that my 1st construction instructor was a woman
and also a hard working non complaining group leader,
ex. When we went to our service project at Revision, not like monkey see
monkey do, more like if we were digging she would be digging too,
but all in all Becky I thank you. Reminder you can’t see until you seek ’cause

Ain’t no telling who you’ll meet at M.H.Y.C

Ms. Shawnetta I would be stuck trying to take girls out on 9 dollar dates
if your budget class wasn’t a competency, secondnized by minty like
candy after the wrapper and helping me equip sharper vision.

Ms. Marissa off top I love your laughter and I appreciate how you would get me
to smile when I wasn’t happy felt and showed me the ropes to get college prep’d
so along with every step on with the next,

Mr. Jason I have an interest in HVAC and dusty shoes I work hard so I’ll easily ruin one of 2, but knowing what to look
for in employment and or career and how to steal a job cause my presentation during an interview was script’d but to the sum of each I thank you for the advantage I have in the tense still I imply when I speak

Ain’t no telling who you’ll meet at M.H.Y.C

Like Eliska she got me in the me in the seat like it’s my bar mitzvah
a start to show the world I love her like my singular of children.
I open up the present like the night before Christmas finalize my gown so why you able get a picture Architects, Engineers

We are tomorrow like wise idols for the next day you each have the capability of world trade, even though we correlate don’t let it interfere with our colleague state from what I can relate we’re capable of many trades and many things as a team can we flourish on if not keep your head up stay positive and live well
and the ones I didn’t mention your still here[mind].

– A poem by YouthBuild graduate, Richmond Johnson. It was presented on June 20th, 2014 for the YouthBuild graduation.

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