Corpsmember Corner: Energy & Water Reflection

With the first cycle of Energy & Water ending we asked Alex Medina, an Energy & Water Corpsmembers, to reflect on his term. Alex will be returning for the second cycle of Energy & Water this month.


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What were you doing before you joined Mile High Youth Corps? 

Before I joined, I was working at a warehouse.


What were some personal goals you set for yourself when you first started the program? 

One of my goals was to become Corpsmember of the month.


What has been the most unexpected part of being at MHYC?

Getting along with everyone.  The more we got into the program the closer we became.


Has MHYC changed how you view your community? 

It has, I start to talk to people about energy efficient products and how it can save money and waste less water. I noticed a lot of people leave the light on and watch TV with no one watching it. It’s helped change my habits.


What are you most proud of about yourself since joining the program? 

I’ve learned to interact with other people and be more positive. I’m also proud of reaching my goal and becoming Corpsmember of the month.


Congrats on completing your first cycle of Energy & Water and we look forward to hearing about you and your accomplishments during your second term of service!

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