Fire Restoration and Recovery in Cañon City

The Royal Gorge Bridge still stands after a devastating fire that lasted six days burned through Canyon City’s famous Royal Gorge Park last summer. This fire burned across 3,200 acres and into the Royal Gorge Park where more than 48 structures were destroyed.  This summer a crew from the Mile High Youth Corps- Colorado Springs site will assist the City of Canon City with fire restoration and recovery efforts which will include seeding, adding erosion control structures, planting trees while controlling invasive species, and participating in a process called slash and scatter.

Slash and scatter is a process where the Corpsmembers will cut down nearly 3,500 burned trees into small pieces to create mulch which will then be distributed along portions of the burn scar area to assist in new growth and to control erosion.

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In addition to the slash and scatter process, the crew will build nearly 35 log and rock erosion structures, seed approximately 25 acres with nearly 825 pounds of wildflowers and native grass seeds to help stabilize the soil, and the crew will plant nearly 1,000 juniper and pinion pines to replace some of the trees destroyed in the fire.

The work of the Canyon City Crew will be focused on 65 acres along the County Road 3-A where the City of Canyon City dubbed this location as its first priority in the restoration and recovery process.  The majority of the crew which is made up of local Canyon City residents will spend five weeks camping in the back country restoring the famous Royal Gorge Park.

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