Corpsmember Corner: ACLC Check-In

The ACLC Corpsmembers have wrapped up their Summer of Service and are moving into the final three months of their term. We asked Amanda Christine, an ACLC Corpsmembers, to reflect on her term so far and tell us what she has planned for the future!

Why did you feel the ACLC program was a good fit for you?

I love the environmental goals of MHYC. I feel that the ACLC program is a good fit for me because it gives me the chance to grow as a leader, cultivate a plethora of skills, meet great new people, and explore my life path.

What were some personal goals you set for yourself when you first started the program?

Some of my personal goals that I set for myself when I first started the program were to become more confident in my decision-making, learn a variety of skills relating to energy saving and the environment, hone problem-solving skills, and make friends!

What has been the most unexpected part of being at MHYC? What has surprised you the most about the program (in the field, about yourself)?

The most unexpected part of being at MHYC is the bright authenticity of the people. I am honored to work with such a kind cast of folks and am inspired by the genuine way they handle each day.

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What were some things you learned during your Energy & Water or SOS term? What was your favorite part about the term?

Well, one thing I learned in Energy & Water that was unexpected in my life, but surprisingly satisfying, was how to change a toilet. I also learned how to change thermostats, install smoke alarms, and replace sink aerators.

Some things I learned during the Summer of Service term were how to build a rock wall, an outdoor staircase, how to cut tread and build a trail, and how to endure in very hot weather while carrying heavy tools!

What crew are you on for the fall? What are you looking forward to most? What is something that you hope to achieve during the fall term?

I’m on the overnight trail crew, which will soon switch to a day trail crew. I’m most looking forward to working outdoors in beautiful places in the autumn, crisp air and forging enduring and healthy relationships.

What is your capstone presentation about? What are the steps you are taking to complete the project?

The capstone presentation that my partner and I have been working on is about Re: Vision International and their effort to ameliorate the situation of food deserts in some areas of Denver.

It has been in the planning stages for a few months, i.e. contacting people at Re: Vision, planning out project vitals and activities, and in just a couple weeks we will be heading over there to carry out the project.

Since starting your term in January, have you changed/ set new goals for yourself?

I’ve definitely added new goals and specified some of my already existing ones. MHYC has taught me a lot about who I am and this has given me a chance to deeper explore what it is I need and want as well as the kinds of contributions I want to make to our world.


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