“Road to Success Week” is a Success with the New YouthBuild Crew!

This past week, YouthBuild began a newly implemented program, called “Road to Success Week”. The week was designed as a way to help YouthBuild Corpsmembers think further about what they want to do in their careers and how to get there. The initiative took place immediately after three weeks of “Mental Toughness”, a training program that also serves as a final decision on Corpsmember enrollment in the program.

“Normally, we begin talking about career and post-secondary education pieces later in the year. This time, we decided to move it to the beginning because it is the cornerstone to everything we do in this program. We want to put the emphasis in early,” said Jason Vaughn, Program Coordinator for College and Careers.

During the five days, Corpsmembers visited nearby colleges, including Community College of Denver and Emily Griffith Technical College. They practiced interviewing, took career aptitude tests, learned soft skills and discussed what it takes to be ready for college and/or a career.

“I think it was a positive week,” said Marisa Salazar, Case Manager for College & Transition, who had spearheaded the planning for this event. “It helped bring the crew out of their element and explore different options.”

Corpsmember, Brandi Barela agreed, “I felt like it helped put me out of my comfort zone. You have to push yourself to get ahead.”

This week marks the beginning of the regular YouthBuild program year. We are excited to see this crew push themselves to reach their short and long-term goals!


Visiting Emily Griffith Technical College

Visiting Emily Griffith Technical College


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