Corpsmember Corner: Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. at Marade in Denver

January 19, 2015: Mile High Youth Corps came together today to take part in the Martin Luther King Jr. Marade. To me, what I take away from these marches is that I am not only honoring the leader Martin Luther King Jr., but also highlighting and bringing to the light all the great and honorable things that we as a community are doing to make sure his dream is still alive. We are also bringing to light some of the issues that we still are facing in today’s society that are taking away from his dream. A dream that he died fighting for. We can figure out how to stand up to these issues, making sure it’s not in a violent way but in a way that Martin would be proud of. With peace and love, not hate and war.

– Shirwanda James

I asked Corpsmembers how they thought their work at MHYC plays a part in Martin Luther King’s dream?

YouthBuilder Lajetta Webb said the diversity that is all throughout Mile High Youth Corps shows that everyone has a chance to make a difference in their community.  No matter what race, religion, sex, big or small, tall or short there is a place for you here at MHYC. So we set the example for our community to let them know young people can come together no matter what background and give back.

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