RiseUp Students Reflect on First Term

RiseUp Community School (located at Mile High Youth Corps’ headquarters) opened its doors to students for the first time 6 weeks ago. The school centers on a belief that each student should have the ability to create the life they want. All of the students, regardless of their circumstances, are held to high expectations in order to prepare them for college and careers after graduation. The students are rising to meet the high standards they are held to in a supportive learning environment, while cultivating a sense of social justice, and preparing for life after graduation. As the first session of classes comes to a close and the second session starts up, we are excited to get an in-depth look at the perspectives of two students, Henrry and Jazmin.

Henrry RiseUp   Jazmin RiseUp

What is your initial impression of RiseUp? Did you have any reservations about coming here?

  • Henrry: “My initial impression of RiseUp was like ‘wow this school is small and full of trouble makers’– not trying to sound like a hypocrite. You may seem unsure at first but I promise it’s full of great, enthusiastic people ready to help you learn and take that next step in life.”

How has your experience at RiseUp been different than your previous educational experiences?

  • Henrry: “My experience at RiseUp from other schools is that there is more support from RiseUp. They help you not only with academic success but after school finding a job getting a bunch of other stuff.”
  • Jazmin: “My experience at RiseUp has been different from other schools because I’m not nearly as stressed and I enjoy coming to school and for the right reasons.”

What is your favorite part of school so far?

  • Henrry: “So far my favorite part of school would have to be for me to have more classes in the day than other students have [so that] I can catch up and graduate on time.”
  • Jazmin: “My favorite part of RiseUp definitely is the people: the teachers, students, and even people that are not a part of RiseUp directly. They make it worth coming. Everyone cares and wants you to succeed.”

What is an example of how you have seen the values of RiseUp demonstrated by other students or staff?

  • Henrry: “Some RCS values that I have seen in students would mostly be from the values acceptance and trust. I say this because students are still making friends and being more open but are still trying to adjust to the school. The same with the teachers, we are all just trying to make this school work.
  • Jazmin: “I see the values being used every day I am at RiseUp. Everyone has a genuine respect for others and no one really bothers anyone. The teachers display those values in class by including everyone and trying to understand everyone’s situation.

What do you want to do after you earn your diploma?

  • Henrry: “After I earn my diploma I plan on moving out of the state (most likely to Alaska) and go to school down there.”
  • Jazmin: “After I graduate I want to go to the University of Hawaii to become an environmental lawyer. I want to become a lawyer to give animals proper care and stop cruelty.”

What’s one class that interests you most? Why?

  • Jazmin: “A class that interests me most would have to be my holocaust class because we get really good discussions out of that class and everyone seems interested.”

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