Mile High Youth Corps Coat Drive

This year, Leadership Council at Mile High Youth Corps is hosting a coat drive! 1 in 5 children are currently living in poverty. What better gift to give this fall than warmth? Millions of Americans can’t afford coats for their family. This is why Mile High Youth Corps is doing our best to collect coats and distribute them to children in need.

The Leadership Council (LC) here at Mile High Youth Corps consists of representatives from our ACLC crew as well as the Energy and Water crew. Each term, LC picks a project to try and accomplish. These projects can vary from cross-crew BBQ’s to community involvement. This Fall term, LC has decided to attack the huge problem of being cold in the winter.

Coat Drive Boxes

Pictured above are three members of MHYC’s Leadership Council who surprisingly fit inside of our collection boxes: CJ, Alicia and Ryan. Coats can be collected at our Headquarters at 1801 Federal Blvd., the Social Enterprise Foundry at 953 Decatur St. or East Montclair Community Center at 6740 E. Colfax.

The coats that are collected will be donated to and distributed at Sun Valley Youth Center on November 20th! This youth center focuses on transforming the lives of at-risk youth in this low-income, public housing neighborhood. They offer day care, after-school care, youth development, mentoring and life essentials programs to help lift up the youth in the neighborhood. Sun Valley is located at 1230 Decatur St. Denver, CO 80204 near the Social Enterprise Foundry, which is home to our Energy & Water program. MHYC has helped serve at Sun Valley in the past by doing a vast amount of volunteer work and we want to help their mission even more!

Sun Valley Logo

Do you have any old coats that are sitting around in your closet? Drop them off at 1801 Federal Blvd anytime Monday-Friday from 8-4 pm. Help us spread warmth this winter to those in need! Coats can be of all shapes and sizes. We are accepting sweatshirts, winter coats, hats, scarves, gloves and anything to keep a person warm in the wintertime!

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