Back In the Saddle; A Returner’s Story


When our Americorps Leadership & Conservation crews began their term of service, I sat down to talk with some Corpsmembers who’d already had some experience at Mile High Youth Corps. Morgan moved to Denver last summer to serve with MHYC as an Energy & Water Corpsmember. After her term was up, she decided to do another term with our ACLC program. I hoped to find out why.

Riley: So what made you want to come back for another term?

Morgan: I really enjoyed the people I was working with in Energy and Water, and I enjoy the organization itself, and I liked what they represented. I initially wanted to do Land (MHYC’s Summer of Service Land Conservation program), but because of the timing I wound up doing Energy and Water. So I decided I would really like to come back as an ACLC and dabble in all the things they had to offer.

Riley: Nice. What’s a good memory from your first term?

Morgan: Umm, I liked the barbecue we had out here, in the front. Were you here?

Riley: No, I think I missed that. Was that the last week?

Morgan: No, that was like in the middle, after a multi-family (apartment housing) project.

Riley: I feel like I missed all the fun ones.

Morgan: Yeah, Sam grilled out for us. That was a fun experience, and then going to that reservoir in the mountains (Strontia Springs Dam at Waterton Canyon), that was fun.

Riley: Yep, I was at that one.

Morgan: Yeah.

Riley: So food and mountains.

Morgan: Yeah.

Riley: In the first term, what was a problem that came up?

Morgan: I feel like a problem that kinda came up.. well, we were short on people. And, I guess certain people not wanting to do certain things and it getting pushed onto people who didn’t mind it, but didn’t necessarily want to do it. Such as driving Big Bird.

Big Bird Returns

Morgan (cont.): I feel like everyone has to do their time for it. (laughs)

Riley: What would you say makes a job with MHYC different than other job opportunities that you’ve had?

Morgan: You have a lot of crew time, like it’s really encouraged to get to know your co-workers and, I don’t know, you get to have fun. There’s days where you just have fun, it’s all you’re doing is playing games and that’s the plan for the day, and no other job is like that. And then, how many resources they have to offer afterwards.

Riley: Are those game days the best days, or are you happy to just like… “Let me work?”

Morgan: I mean I’m like, I don’t know. It’s a mix, sometimes. I guess it’s a good dose of everything. Some days I’m like “Uhh, I’d rather be working.” (laughs) But it’s fun. You’re getting paid for it. So can’t complain. (both laugh)

Riley: That’s a good motto.

Morgan: Yeah

Riley: What did you gain from your first term with MHYC?

Morgan: Um, let me think.. I don’t know. More confidence in doing things. Like more confidence in driving big vans. And maneuvering around Denver, even driving in the city. I got a lot more experience driving. And, yeah… what else.

Riley: So big city driving experience.

Morgan: Yeah, I guess. (laughs) I mean I’ve driven in Miami, but I have to here. I don’t really have a choice. Back in that term, we were the only drivers.

Riley: Well, that’s all the questions I have for you. Do you have any questions for me?

Morgan: None that I can think of.

Riley: That works.

Morgan: I can do the interview for you

Riley: Alright. (both laugh) Nah, it’s cool. Thanks Morgan.

End of Interview



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