Getting the Most Out: ACLC’s do Leave No Trace

Our Americorps Leadership & Conservation crews visited Boulder during their Summer of Service orientation training to learn about Leave No Trace ethics. One of our Corpsmembers, Mary, chose to share her impression of the course. 

Leave No Trace was a really fun and rewarding experience through Mile High Youth Corps. We started the day by driving to Boulder to meet with our L.N.T. trainers. Leave No Trace instructors.jpg

We went to a trailhead near Boulder and began our specific lessons on the basic L.N.T. ‘guidelines’. Throughout each lesson, such as ‘Respect Wildlife’, our instructors would give us great advice -not rules- on how to get the most out of Nature without severely disrupting or disturbing it. Things like proper ways to dig a cat hole, build a fire, collect firewood and how to store food in bear areas.

Mary Bouldern LNT


The thing I enjoyed most about the L.N.T. mannerisms is they are not strict laws & rules you HAVE to follow, but rather just guidelines to really make you aware and recognize all possibilities of preserving our beautiful world, and the anthropogenic effects we can avoid.


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