25 Reasons to Come to the 25th Anniversary Celebration…

  1. Free Food
     food hungry emma stone yum easy a GIF
  2. Music courtesy of DJ Musa
    Product Hunt music cats dj music streaming GIF
  3. Meeting the Mayor
     episode 20 speech mayor mayor quimby podium GIF
  4. Reconnecting with your old crew
     throwback GIF
  5. The EXDO Event Center (2 minute walk from the Light Rail)
    Domino’s UK and ROI reaction party food pizza GIF
  6. Toilet corn hole
    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon jimmy fallon tonight show winning catch GIF
  7. Double jack putt putt
     golf celebrate will smith fresh prince of bel air GIF
  8. Trivia
    ABC Network games ready pyramid game show GIF
  9. Learn how to install a shower head
     mrw head shower restrictor GIF
  10. Reconnecting with staff
    HULU dance happy celebration hulu GIF
  11. Network with prominent people
    CBC funny comedy drunk phone GIF
  12. Speeches from Corpsmember
  13. Silent auction
     homer simpson episode 11 season 13 13x11 GIF
  14. Live auction
  15. Terrariums made by Corpsmembers
  16. Benches made by Corpsmembers
  17. Photo booth
  18. Alcohol
  19. Swag bags
  20. It’s hump day
     wednesday hump day GIF
  21. Chance to dress snappy casual
  22. Priceless Memories
  23. Treat-Yo-Self
  24. Supporting a good cause
  25. And YOLO no FOMO

    So come out and join us! Get your tickets here!

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